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Our client, a private equity owned manufacturing company, was looking to hire a new Vice President, Marketing. Historically, they relied on their sales team to drive their own leads in addition to print mail catalogs and tradeshows.

While they had a marketing team of 5 people in place, they were lacking the leadership necessary to take it to the next level and incorporate digital marketing campaigns. We selected the right member of our executive team, which provides Fractional CMO services, and met with their entire C-Suite before signing on for a six (6) month contract.

Stood up digital marketing including social media, SEO, PPC and email marketing

 Established the full funnel process from prospect to MQL, SQL, pitch and business won

Shaved 20% off marketing budget through operational efficiencies and strategic planning


Fractional CMO


In a crowded industry, and facing brand-name competitors who sell DTC in major home improvement stores, we first took a look at their strategy. As is our usual, we leaned into data: who were the top competitors, what were their marketing techniques, how effective were they, what was their marketing spend and what can we do to stand out from the pack?


We dove deep into the existing team’s strengths and identified solutions for missing competencies. Based on competitive and audience analytics and data, we built a new marketing strategy to drive traffic to site, connected site leads to HubSpot and automatically routed them to the lead’s local representative. We then created an email drip campaign for most funnel activities be it sales, prospecting, new product launches, etc. In addition, we launched retargeted ads to competitor audiences, created a look-a-like audience for ads, stood up social media, SEO and PPC. Finally, we reworked their trade show and events plan to deliver revenue v. costing $MM annually.


Within the 180 day contract, we’d shaved 20% off their marketing spend while, in parallel, standing up an entire digital marketing set of activities and campaigns. In addition, by the time we were through, they had a full funnel identified, activities to keep leads coming in and a team that could execute on the leads. In addition, we rolled up a second marketing team due to an acquisition that occurred during our contract.

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