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Leaning in to our success in the Automotive industry, this new company retained us to develop email marketing that aligned with their organic social media, paid ads and creative campaigns.  We built out templates to drive consistent messaging and aligned with the creative team to leverage cross-channel creative and messaging.


Increase In
Email Open Rate


Click-Through Rate (CTR)


Increase In Unique Email
Opens Month-Over-Month


Data Intelligence / Email Marketing/ Campaign Ideation & Activation / Paid Social Media & Google Ads / Organic Social Media / Graphic Design


After the automotive industry went full throttle during the pandemic, we were in the position to provide a new marketing approach to a new start-up brand. We leaned into the excitement surrounding car purchases and created a data-driven approach for social media, email marketing, paid ads, and campaign ideation.


We compiled demographics and data to understand what motivated the company’s target customers. Using data that informed us on what the target market likes (e.g. Sports, Country Music, Dining Out, etc.) and pairing our creative team’s strengths with what they liked, we delivered compelling marketing activations from email to SMS to social media.


Focusing on our email marketing results, we delivered nearly a 2x increase in their email open rates within 60 days while also standing up a successful SMS program. Our creative emails with custom graphics aligned to campaigns we ran on social media, delivered a 14% CTR, and increased unique email opens by 98% M/M.

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