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Social media platforms have come a long way from their early days. Early platforms like MySpace and Orkut are indistinguishable from the more modern platforms like TikTok and Instagram. In addition, their focus has shifted considerably.

Platforms like MySpace were all about connecting people so they could document and share their lives with each other. Modern platforms have a similar goal, except they’ve become potent marketing and advertising tools for businesses.  

TikTok as a platform is highly divisive. People share differing views about it. Some love the platform’s unique features, while others consider it an aberration. However, that doesn’t change the fact that TikTok’s popularity has exploded since its inception.

TikTok launched only six years ago, but the platform has already accumulated more than three billion downloads. It’s the only application not from META – Facebook’s parent company – to achieve this feat. 

In this short span, TikTok became one of the largest social media websites, overtaking Twitter, Snapchat, and numerous other platforms that existed long before it did. Research shows the platform has over one billion monthly active users

However, what makes TikTok unique isn’t its growth or monthly active user base. Instead, it’s the platform’s diversity. Statistics show that over 50 percent of TikTok users are between 18 and 34. In addition, the platform is extremely popular with women. These figures show a marked departure from other social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, dominated by older people. 

TikTok’s popularity has forced people to recognize it as a social media juggernaut.

The platform’s rise has also made many people realize its potential as a marketing tool. It’s no secret that TikTok’s “For You Page” is an essential part of the platform. It consists of curated content that reaches a broad audience as soon as they log in to the application. 

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What is TikTok’s ‘For You’ Page About?

The For You page, commonly abbreviated as FYP, is the first page that opens when users sign in to the TikTok application. It consists of a curated feed of videos from content creators you might not necessarily follow. However, TikTok’s algorithm presents it to the user because it thinks the users will enjoy them based on past interactions and interests. 

Various factors influence TikTok’s algorithm to show particular content. In addition to recommending content based on previous interactions and likes, the algorithm also uses the following factors:

  • Information from videos, such as hashtags and captions
  • Your device settings, including language preferences, device type, country settings
  • The content you’ve previously liked, shared, followed, and created
  • Comments you might have left on videos 

For instance, let’s assume you leave several comments on videos about digital marketing from various content creators on TikTok. TikTok’s algorithm will likely show you similar content accordingly. 

Why is it Necessary to Optimize Content for TikTok’s ‘For You’ Page?

Optimizing content for TikTok’s For You Page is essential because it allows you to reach a broader audience. This page displays the best content for users from across the globe. It’s also essential to optimize content for FYP because it allows you to reach new consumers. 

Most content creators consider FYP the holy grail for success on the app. You know you’ve made it if your content makes it to the FYP. 

Here are some factors that emphasize the importance of appearing on TikTok’s coveted FYP page for business owners:

Increasing followers for monetization

Landing on TikTok’s FYP also allows you to get more followers. Getting followers is necessary, especially if you want to monetize your platform to start making money from videos with TikTok’s Creator Fund.

The creator fund requires accounts to have at least ten thousand followers before monetization can occur.

Sponsorships and thought leadership

Reaching the FYP also helps your brand become an authority figure, lending to its credibility. This increased thought leadership can help your brand gain more sponsorships or increase sales. 

Redirecting Traffic

Getting on the FYP can also help your brand increase platform growth on other channels. For instance, you could redirect traffic to your website, landing pages, Instagram, and other platforms.


Let’s assume you normally receive a thousand views on every TikTok video. Appearing on the FYP could increase your view count substantially. Not only will people view your featured video on FYP, but they’ll also check out older content if your video is engaging.

As a result, landing on TikTok’s FYP is essential for exposure. 

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How to Get on TikTok’s “For You” Page

Here are some tips to help your brand get on the coveted TikTok For You Page. They include:

Maintaining an Active Presence

Posting regularly on TikTok is essential for appearing on the FYP because that’s what the algorithm rewards.

In addition to maintaining an active presence, ensure you regularly use hashtags and participate in challenges because it’ll help get more viewers.

Create Shorter Videos

It’s no secret that the user attention span has decreased considerably in the past decade. TikTok’s algorithm rewards video completion, meaning you’ll ideally want users to watch your video until the end.

Keeping users engaged for longer videos is challenging because their attention will waver at some point. That’s why creating shorter videos is necessary.

TikTok has expanded its video limit to ten minutes recently. However, that doesn’t mean these videos are the best option for appearing on the FYP. Consider creating shorter videos between ten to fifteen seconds because that’s what users like.

In addition, the opening three seconds of the video are crucial for capturing the viewer’s attention.  

Use Hooks from Trending Sounds

Using hooks from popular songs is also an effective way to increase engagement and make TikTok’s algorithm consider your video for the FYP.

You can also use popular sounds, like punchlines from jokes or quotes from movies, to make your videos more engaging. 

The TikTok app on an iPhone

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