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Landing pages are essential for digital marketing. Why? Because they can significantly aid conversions. As a result, they’re often heralded as the centerpiece of any viable digital marketing strategy.

However, ask any digital marketer worth their salt, and they’ll tell you that web and landing page design continues to evolve rapidly, meaning the best practices for designing landing pages changes regularly.

Practices that might have worked like a charm in 2022 might not provide the same results in 2023. It isn’t surprising as the internet continues to change rapidly. Designs and trends that were once considered cutting-edge can soon become outdated. 

Landing pages matter because you’ll want to redirect  that  traffic you worked so hard to get to a site/landing page that will convert them. Whether applying the best SEO practices or running PPC campaigns, you’ll want to ensure the generated traffic converts, which means sending them to your website to prompt them to perform your desired action such as providing an email address, cell phone number or buying a product. 

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What are Landing Pages, and How Do They Differ?

Landing pages are standalone pages built for a specific purpose. Let’s assume your digital marketing agency runs an email marketing campaign to generate more leads. Your strategy involves circulating newsletters and emails to subscribers your email list. Some individuals might be interested in your services after reading your emails and might click on the link from the email campaign. This link will redirect them to a landing page. 

Your landing page will have a specific content to convince the visitor to either sign up for a discount on a product, or even make a purchase..

As a result, it’ll also have a highly specific call-to-action that prompts visitors to perform your desired action as landing page copy is geared toward increasing conversions. 

Naturally, landing pages incorporate different design and copywriting elements than standard web pages. Creating the right landing page is essential for any digital marketing campaign. If you’re looking for quality landing page design services, we can help you. Dekaf Digital is a global digital marketing agency that can help you create landing pages that convert. 

A well-designed landing page is crucial . Research shows that interactive landing pages can increase your messages’ efficiency by 79%. In addition, research also shows that companies with over 30 landing pages generate more leads than companies with less than 10 landing pages. Seven times more, in fact.

The Best Landing Page Practices for 2023

Here’s how to optimize your landing pages for increased conversions in 2023:

Minimalistic Design

Adopting a minimalistic design for your landing page might seem counterintuitive but minimalism has become one of the most popular design trends in the past few years. Users and companies prefer minimalism because they are clean, straightforward, and easily navigable and most importantly, they contribute to higher conversions. 

It’s important to remember that less is more when designing landing pages. You want to capture the customer’s attention immediately. A minimalist design removes all unnecessary elements from the landing page, allowing potential customers to focus on the CTA.

Interactive Elements

Incorporating interactive elements into a landing page is essential as it increases user engagement. Engaged users are more likely to spend time on your landing page, meaning they’ll spend more time reading the copy and considering your services. As a result, interactive elements such as polls, surveys, quizzes, and mini-games can help increase conversions. 

Incorporating a Primary Call-to-Action

A primary call to action is crucial for increasing conversions. Customers are more likely to convert if your call to action is easily visible. You’ll want to ensure you remove unnecessary elements and distractions from your landing page to divert the visitors’ attention to the primary CTA. 

A study found that removing the navigation menu from landing pages increased conversions by 100%

Page Loading Speed

Page loading speeds matter for landing pages as much as websites. Research shows that a one-second delay in page loading speed can cause conversions to reduce by 7%. Today’s world is fast-paced and people are impatient. They have short attention spans and want things immediately. Landing pages with slow-loading speeds leads to increased bounce rates. 

Customer-Centric Copy

Your landing page’s success doesn’t just depend on your offer. It also depends on how well you can convince customers about the benefits of your products or services. That’s why customer-centric copy is essential for conversions.

Well-crafted landing page copy utilizes emotional and rational elements to persuade customers. It addresses their pain points and details how your company’s services or products can resolve them.

Utilize Social Proof

Potential customers may be apprehensive about your offer, depending on where they found your website. For instance, a customer might think twice before buying a $350 cashmere sweater if they found you through PPC campaigns and don’t know anyone who has shopped with you previously. 

Such customers often need some persuasion to help them overcome their apprehension. Unfortunately, your advertising copy won’t be enough. You’ll need to incorporate social proof to help potential customers trust your brand. 

It’s also the reason most companies use testimonials. Testimonials are social proof from previous customers that highlight your brand’s excellence. Research shows that 83 percent of consumers trust recommendations from peers over advertisements. Hence, you’ll want to incorporate as much social proof in your landing page as possible. 

In addition to testimonials, you can incorporate reviews and ratings from notable websites. Similarly, you can use respected brand logos from businesses and websites where your agency has been featured.

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