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TikTok often divides opinions between users and marketers. However, one thing is certain: the application’s rise has been unprecedented. Statistics show the platform has over one billion monthly active users. That’s more than Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter, despite these social media platforms being founded years before TikTok’s launch. According to Cyberclick, Instagram users spend an average of 29 minutes on the platform whereas they spend an average of 52 minutes on TikTok. 

While debates about TikTok might persist, most marketers unanimously agree that the platform is an excellent marketing channel. Research shows over 94 million monthly active TikTok users exist in the United States. These figures make the platform valuable for businesses looking to attract users with a well-thought-out social media marketing strategy.

More importantly, TikTok is a valuable marketing tool because users love interacting with the platform. Sensor Tower’s research shows the application has an exceptionally high engagement rate, with users spending 95 minutes daily on it.

Many businesses and marketers also argue that TikTok might be a growing platform, but its user base primarily consists of young people between 18–25. While this is true, research shows that the platform’s demographics are changing. More millennials and older people are finding their way to the application as it grows more popular. 

These figures illustrate the importance of using TikTok in your brand’s social media marketing campaigns. It allows your brand to reach a large audience, especially if you wish to cater to a younger contingent. 

While creating relevant and trending content is crucial, running TikTok advertisements might be the ideal option for your business. It’ll help you circumvent the need to grow a following on the platform, enabling you to get quicker results. It’s important to note that TikTok has become a fiercely competitive platform as more marketers become aware of its capabilities as a channel. You’ll want to run highly-optimized ad campaigns to ensure your brand’s advertisements perform well, which requires an in-depth understanding of TikTok’s algorithm and significant marketing expertise.

As a result, many brands often seek assistance from social media marketing agencies to help them generate brand awareness and leads through these platforms. If you’re looking for affordable digital marketing services, consider partnering with Dekaf Digital. This social media agency was founded in 2016. It has since generated impactful results for clients through its data-driven methods.

Analyzing Data

You cannot optimize your TikTok advertisement campaigns without understanding how they perform in real-life conditions. TikTok Ads Manager is crucial during your campaign’s initial stages. It’ll help you select the best strategies to achieve your marketing objectives. The tool will also facilitate you in choosing your target audience and provide specific key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure your advertisement campaign’s effectiveness. 

TikTok Ads Manager has three essential pages for data analysis. These include the dashboard, campaign, and reporting pages.

The dashboard page provides a summarized view of KPIs across various campaigns, enabling you to notice patterns, spikes, etc. Consider using the dashboard page to note observations that could help your content and strategy for future campaigns.

The campaign page allows users to analyze each campaign and advertisement’s details. You can customize the metrics you wish to see, meaning you can delve deeper into observations that might have piqued your curiosity on the dashboard page. It also contains an insightful audience analysis, which helps you uncover how your advertisement reaches your target audience and if it convinces them to purchase your brand’s products.

TikTok Ads Manager also has an intuitive reporting page that lets you create customized spreadsheets. You can select specific metrics to draw insights. For instance, when creating spreadsheets, you can select campaigns, ad groups, and advertisements as metrics for rows and assess their cost-per-click, clickthrough rate, and impressions in the columns. You can also select the time range and data order. 

Analyzing your data will help you determine your existing campaigns’ effectiveness. These metrics will provide a deeper insight into where your campaigns might have shortcomings, allowing you to optimize them to persuade your audience. 

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Redefining your Ethos

Redefining your ethos is crucial because you’ll want to ensure your brand and its offerings leave a good impression on the audience. Users are more likely to try your products if they view your brand positively. You’ll want to use TikTok Ad Manager’s analysis reports to assess people’s opinions, attitudes, and actions toward your brand. 

Examining video views, likes, clickthrough rates, and comments can help you better understand people’s perceptions of your brand. For instance, let’s assume your campaign only attracts a few views, despite a high bid and well-produced content. Such situations suggest your audience doesn’t relate to your content, and, as a result, they aren’t interested in viewing it. Similarly, your campaigns might have significant views but few comments. This situation indicates that you need to work on actively engaging your target audience.

Redefining your ethos can be challenging because it requires you to alter how people perceive your brand. TikTok Ads Manager can help ensure you’re addressing the right audience for your brand by allowing you to optimize your campaigns based on specific filters and keywords. It also helps you create lookalike audiences. You can select your most loyal fans and let TikTok’s algorithm find profiles with similar interests on the platform, allowing you to target them for the most effective results.

Another way to do this is by evaluating each ad, ad group, and campaign with the KPIs you set at the beginning of your campaign. Analyze which campaign had the most success and try to readapt that campaign’s values by making them more visible in your communication. 

Many businesses have also succeeded by partnering with a content creator  (a.k.a. Influencer) to speak for their brand. Data shows micro-influencers are the best solutions for most companies because they have a 60 percent higher engagement rate than macro-influencers. In addition, 61 percent of customers feel they’re more credible spokespeople than brands.  

Focus on Pathos

Pathos refers to how you’re emotionally appealing to your audience. Studies show that the subconscious significantly affects consumer behavior. As a result, eliciting emotions from your target audience can help your brand generate more leads and sales. 

TikTok audiences particularly need emotion-eliciting content because the platform is geared toward it. You can only create sixty-second videos on the application, meaning you must immediately capture the audience’s attention. Otherwise, they’ll skip past your advertisements.  

Analyze crucial metrics, like your engagement rates, views, and user actions. It’ll allow you to understand how people are relating to your content. Emotions are related to the mood you create. Most TikTok videos allow you to use music, special effects, colors, and trends to obtain the desired emotional response from their audience. You can also use strategies like humor and controversy to accomplish this.

A wise approach would be to perform A/B testing before releasing an advertisement campaign. Creating different versions of ads will help you determine how people view and relate to them, enabling you to create more effective campaigns. Ensure you try to captivate the audience from the first second because most users will skip past your advertisements if they’re not engaging. You’ll also want to develop a strong call-to-action at the end of each ad to convince your audience to perform your desired action, whether following your brand’s page or visiting a landing page. 

Rethink your Logos

We’re not talking about your traditional brand mark logo here. When it comes to TikTok, logos refers to the logical arguments presented to the audience. For instance, let’s assume you’re selling environmentally-friendly clothing and decide to use TikTok to advertise your brand. You’ll want to use facts and figures to support your claims to convince the audience to buy it. Claiming your products are more sustainable than competitors isn’t good enough. Instead, you’ll need to present statistics about how your products use less water and chemicals than others.

Evaluating your past campaigns is crucial. Consider using TikTok Ads Manager to determine how your audience responds to facts and arguments within advertisements. You’ll want to use metrics like clickthrough rates and conversions to assess their response. Use the extrapolated data to create new ads and A/B test them. 

Research shows that TikTok users respond favorably to user-generated content. Product reviews are an exceptional way to convince your target audience to purchase your products. You can also use Deutsche Telekom as inspiration for using numbers and statistics to drive points home. 

The organization used facts and figures in four different clips and generated fantastic results, increasing watch time by 97 percent and ad recall by nearly 51 percent. 

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Conquer TikTok with Dekaf Digital’s Assistance

TikTok’s rapid growth has made it a fiercely competitive platform for marketers and brands. Fortunately, a leading social media marketing agency like Dekaf Digital can help your brand stand out among the masses. 

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The digital marketing agency also offers Facebook ad management services, landing page design services, and other effective marketing solutions.

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