Wondering what’s going on in social media in 2022? We’ve got all the scoop based on HootSuite’s global survey of 18,100 marketers as well as industry leaders at Twitter, YouTube and beyond.

Trend #1: Brands finally get community right

77% of people surveyed by Facebook and NYU’s Governance Lab said that the most important community they are part of operates online.

Trend #2: Marketers get creative as consumers wise up to social ads

51.4% of marketers are planning to increase their paid social in 2022 (especially on TikTok, Snapchat and Pinterest).

Trend #3: Social quietly matures out of the marketing department.

83% of marketers said they were confident in quantifying the ROI of their social efforts, up from 68% last year.

Trend #4: Social becomes the heart of the post-pandemic shopping experience.

52% of global internet users aged 16-24 use social media as a primary source of information when researching brands.

Trend #5: Social media managers bridge the gap between marketing and customer service.

59% of marketers agree that social customer care has increased in value for their organization.

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