Billion Success interviewed Dekaf Digital’s CEO and Founder, Adriana Cowdin, on “Overcoming Adversity to Achieve Success.” This article covers many topics, including but not limited to:

  1. Top 3 skills to be a successful entrepreneur (one of them is sheer grit)
  2. How the pandemic affected Dekaf Digital
  3. The Top 3 mistakes made when starting a business, and how Cowdin learned from them
  4. The most successful marketing practice for the business
  5. Biggest challenges faced by Cowdin, as a CEO, and how she overcomes them
  6. Her first business idea (hint: it was in human resources)
  7. What she’d do differently if she started Dekaf Digital again
  8. Top 3 online tools Dekaf Digital is using to grow the company
  9. What business she’d start now if she had only $1K to it (do you think she’ll do it?)
  10. What valuable advice she’d give to new entrepreneurs

This article also looks at how Cowdin overcomes fear and her definition of success in a short video.

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