In this episode:

Adriana Cowdin, Dekaf Digital’s CEO,  joins The Agency Toolkit Podcast to share the 5 Tips for Being an Entrepreneur in a post-COVID world.

Listen and learn how Adriana shares clear strategies to help your agency stand out from the rest during these uncertain times.

Key Takeaways:

What motivates/inspires her?

BUILDING AND MAINTAINING RELATIONSHIPS. Keeping really close relationships with our clients and partners.

How did Adriana get into Digital Marketing?

It started when her colleague (Senior Vice President of Marketing) needed Adriana to join the Marketing team. After a month of conversations, Adriana gave in and became the lead of global marketing focusing on the internet and elevating the sales team. The whole idea of the internet was really big then with a focus on site development, That was over 20 years now and it’s been a love of hers ever since. 

5 Tips for Being an Entrepreneur in a post-COVID world

  1. Find new markets to advertise and sell your services. Find the areas that are repeatable in your business or expand those services for different industries to avoid having your agency be reliant on one or two markets.
  1. Embrace online networking. Focus on your LinkedIn profile to start. Make sure it’s active, has an authentic picture (something that shows your personality), use the LinkedIn banner and profile header, tell something about your business, make your summary about who you are and what you do. Then network away with new, and existing, connections to build rapport and land clients. Sound like a lot of work? Sign up for a LinkedIn aggregator tool. They’re fantastic and make it super easy. 
  1. Lean into Social Media. Get some expertise. Identify what works well for your agency. For B2B agencies, Linkedin will be extremely good for the business. For a creative agency, Instagram is gonna be amazing. Try out new things like TikTok if your target market is the millennial market or younger.
  1. Create relevant content. Create a blog, do a podcast, or write a quick e-book. Use Canva templates to add a creative pop to your work. You can even create a course expanding your agency’s market and expertise. 
  1. Be flexible and adaptable. Be flexible with the services you are offering and adapt to what the market is speaking to.


Tips on How to boost engagement when posting on Social Media:

  1. Make sure you have a good creative
  2. Brand all your creative – make sure your brand mark or logo is on your creative
  3. Ask a question or do polls – people want their opinion heard and follow up with the results, ask the right questions
  4. Look at the statistics and analytics when the most active population and post during those time
  5. Use Scheduler to post in Social Media – schedule a week in advance

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