Thinking about making TikTok part of your social media strategy? Wondering if your brand needs to engage with TikTok influencers? (The answer is probably yes.)

How does 689 million monthly active users sound for reach? That’s what TikTok is garnering. Hint: That’s more than Twitter, Snapchat, or Pinterest. It’s also much more than dancing videos (not that we don’t love those) – there are accounts talking about financial literacy, home improvement hacks, making art and so much more.

WARNING! TikTok is a whole different platform than Instagram, FB, or YouTube. Trends are faster-paced, the audience is more ad-adverse, and it’s easier to get lost in the shuffle. What’s that mean for your brand?

To help you out, here’s some insight on the Social Media Marketing Platform side of things. Recently, Later launched Video Scheduling and for TikTok. Yes, and thank you! (Expect others to follow suit).  Why use a Social Media Marketing Platform, like Later, for Tik Tok?

First up, drive site traffic:
Using the feature Later has built it, you can drive traffic off platform. It’s a fully clickable replica of your TikTok feed which enables you to send followers to your site, blog or landing page.

Next up, Save (Precious) Time:
Scheduling your TikTok (or any social media posts) helps you achieve your brand goals and objectives. Want to grow your following? Schedule your posts. Want more engagement? Use the analytics to find out the best time to schedule your posts. You get the drift.

For those wondering, no we’re not sponsored by, nor were we paid by, Later. We simply love that they’ve leaned into the TikTok wave and appreciate their innovation.