Have you felt overwhelmed with content and information lately? Since working from home the emails, social media notifications, commercials, and text messages have been on overload. Lately our team is even feeling overwhelmed by family and friend text messages. ❤️  It seems to be everywhere you look.

Enter content fatigue (aka Ad Fatigue)! According to Hubspot, this “…occurs when your audience sees your ads so often that they become bored with them and stop paying attention.” Much of the content fatigue that we’re experiencing today is a result of a changed routine of working at home, however, it’s also a result of more organizations trying to capture the attention of new customers and retain current customers.

Here are 3 easy ways to limit content fatigue for your customers:

1) Less Is More

Remember the acronym  K.I.S.S. (keep it short and simple); use it. Often in marketing, we focus heavily on driving messaging through a lot of words when in reality we should be keeping it simple.  According to a study done by Microsoft, the attention span of consumers is shorter than that of a Goldfish at merely 9 seconds! That’s not something you hear every day.  Short, “snackable” content allows for the key points of your message and call-to-action clear.

2) Visuals & Videos

Visuals and videos are the kings & queens of content. They help drive the messages that simply come together better through visuals. Images on Facebook get 20% more engagement than videos and 352% more engagement than posts with links only. Additionally, did you know that 4x as many consumers would rather watch a video than read to learn about a product? If you’ve noticed Apple does this very well. They promote their products by allowing the primary focus to be on the products. Drawing customers in by seeing others use the products and envisioning themselves with said products. These visuals and videos also create an authentic connection. Can you say checkmate?

3) Build a Content Library

Sometimes content fatigue happens from a lack of organization. Trust me, we’ve all been there. Building a content library will help you stay organized and innovative. A content library includes all the content being displayed across your social channels, stores images, and captures ideas. Using a content library can help you minimize the overuse of certain images and/or social channels. Constructing your content calendar will also help prioritize topics ensuring your communicating the most pertinent content aligned to your brand.

Managing content fatigues isn’t hard. Remember in 2006 when the social media giant known as Twitter launched with a wild concept of communicating with only 140 characters? Only later they increased that count to 280 characters. They’ve shown us that success isn’t in the quantity of content but the quality of content. The truth is your target audience won’t read everything you create. We’re in a microwave society that wants everything fast and simple. So why not give the people what they want?! Eliminate confusion for your audience by keeping content simple, clear, and engaging.