With consumers being inundated with messages, it’s important to have a diverse approach to marketing your business. You’ve heard the phrase “A picture is worth 1,000 words” right? Well, apparently videos are worth 1.8 million words at minimum, at least according to data from McQuivey’s Forrester’s study around “How Video Will Take Over the World”.

That’s not hard to believe in a world where everyone has a smart phone, smart TV, computer, or tablet at their fingertips. Videos allow you to make connections for consumers that otherwise might be harder to do through words, pictures, and audio alone. Which is probably why 83% of video marketers say video’s help them with lead generation, according to optinmonster.com. Feel free to use that statistic when pitching to the executive that doesn’t believe marketing has ROI. 😉

With digital engagement and collaboration at an all time, high there’s endless creativity around what types of videos you can use to market your business. You could say that videos are the Burger King of marketing where you can “have it your way” through using a variety of targeted video.

In the sea of videos, what

Paid Advertising – The Big Tuna

Like tuna, this is common and comes in a wide variety from sushi grade to canned and also can be very expensive. TV commercials and social ads are considered paid video advertising. These videos leverage an existing consumer base and typically require certain parameters. Length: 30 – 60 secs, duration of circulation: 2- 4 weeks, approved script and images: mostly PG13 content as these are platforms that typically don’t have ways of segmenting consumers. These videos are mostly used for organizations with significant budgets as these videos don’t come cheap!

Interviews – Salmon

People know what to expect when they order salmon and you can find it on many menus as well as prepare it at home. This has become the case with interviews with the rise in podcasts as many are now done via in-home studios. That said, like copper river salmon, when it’s on a boutique restaurant menu with an excellent chef, you know you’re in for a treat. The same goes for interviews or podcast videos, when done with excellent interviews and backgrounds and tech teams, the results is superb. These interview videos can take a semi- scripted approached while still allowing marketers to stay on track with pointed messaging. Interviews are a good way to associate people with your brand and, especially, to draw in key consumers.

Vlogs – Sushi Rolls

Like sushi rolls, vlogs are customized and designed for personal taste. These video blogs (vlogs) are more personal and less scripted, allowing consumers to capture the raw reactions and results in real time. These videos by nature allow a lot of freedom for marketers to use raw videos by going live or making multiple versions through editing.

Video marketing also can utilize metrics such as: play rate, shares, and watch time just to name a few!

Sea it in action: CNN

CNN is a great example of video marketing done well. They’ve even dedicated an entire site to it – https://www.cnn.com/videos. If you haven’t caught on the present and future of marketing is in video. Studies show that in 2021 people will spend 100 minutes a day watching online videos which is an increase from previous years. Video marketing isn’t always about selling a product but about creating brand awareness and connection with consumers. So, let videos you create do the around the clock marketing you need!