How SEO content development drives first-page Google ranking? This case study outlines how our team used SEO content, link building and content development to reach first-page Google ranking for our client, OLEO. The start-up came to us to launch its new LED lighting product designed to provide lighting year-round on residential properties. They were new to the market and had no brand awareness. We tackled the challenge head-on with SEO.

Our Insights

Customers decorate their house once a year for the holidays but what if they could keep those lights up year-round for a fraction of the cost and light up their house for special occasions, the Fourth of July and more holidays? That’s what our customer tackled us with selling. Our task? Educate a new market and land customer appointments.

The Solution: Content and SEO

Our strategy was to invest in building their website with keyword-rich blogs that we then shared on their social media channels. In addition, we selected fifteen specific keywords to focus on to build their brand including link building, content, on-page and off-page SEO strategies. We focused on the Google algorithm and built on our knowledge of how it worked to gain powerful results.

First-Page Google Results

Thanks to the connection between our SEO campaign and blogs, we achieved first-page Google results within 90 days and increased its site content by 50% within 120 days.