We have a breakfast brainfood special planned for you!  

Our CEO, Adriana Cowdin, will be the featured guest on a new webinar series called, Ideas for Breakfast, featuring digital marketers and creative thinkers to start your day off right. Join her, and Despi Ross, CMO of OldSpeake on July 15th at 9 AM EST for a discussion about digital advertising trends and tips in the post-COVID era. 

Where ecommerce retailers are with advertising, whether or not they have: 

  • Cut all digital ad spend 
  • Kept ads running but scaled back 
  • Kept ads running at same level 
  • Increased budgets during quarantine 

Who’s in the best position to win moving forward? 

What are the best steps to take moving forward during COVID for advertisers? 

  • Personalized shopping experiences  
  • Progressive Web Apps 
  • Advertising strategies  
  • PPC 
  • Social 
  • SEO 

 (If you can’t make it live, you can listen to the recording later.)  

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Join the webinar and she will answer them live. Or send them to us via info@dekafdigital.com