why a social media strategy is a smart investment

When evaluating your social media, think about who, what, why and how. Specifically:

WHO you’re engaging – your audience

WHY you’re interacting with them – what are your goals

WHAT your content is telling them – are you promoting products/services, etc.

HOW you connect with the audience – is it all one-way or do you like, comment, follow and share

When you build a social media strategy you also need to evaluate WHICH networks are right for your brand. For example, Facebook is a great network for B2C brands but not as good for B2B brands. Likewise, LinkedIn is excellent for B2B and personal branding but not the best place to promote a B2C product. There are, of course, exceptions to these “rules of thumb”.

Oftentimes, developing a social media strategy takes upwards of 80 hours dedicated time for an expert that has been in the social media field for at least 10 years. What you end up with is a strategy that’s specific to your company, an analysis of at least 2-3 social media networks, content ideation, and feedback on your editorial calendar. A customized social media strategy can cost anywhere from $3,500-$15,500. Sound like a wide range? It is and there’s a reason for it.

If your company wants a basic strategy it’s likely in the $3,500 range. If you want a more customized plan with editorial content review and content ideation it’s going to cost more. An average social media consultant will charge you $150, putting in 80 hours on your strategy, you’re at $12,000. If you find someone willing to do it for less, run with it!

Leveraging Social media interns

You’ve invested in a new social media strategy, don’t let it sit on the shelf and collect dust. Put it into action and social media interns are a great way to make that happen! We love interns here at Dekaf Digital because they learn fast, think quick and often are up-to-date on the latest and greatest social media apps and tools.

Here are 3 ways to leverage social media interns:

  1. Hand over the social media strategy deck, including content ideation and sample editorial calendar, and let them plan out 2 weeks of posts/content. Assign a manager to can edit/add/revise after they’ve done the initial work.
  2. Put one intern in charge of “social media monitoring” and have him/her engage regularly liking/sharing/commenting on social media activity across the networks you’re active on
  3. Have them brainstorm new social media marketing campaigns (i.e. giveaways, polls, etc.) to increase your overall engagement scores

We’re continually amazed by the work our client’s interns produce and have found that interns can take social media strategy decks and deliver quality results. Don’t have an intern? Contact your local University or College and they’ll be able to help you find one or you can join Handshake, which is a portal that connects students and employers. FYI, be sure to check the Federal Guidelines on internships.

10 Social Media Content Ideas and Prompts

We always want to leave you with ideas to enhance your social media activity so today we’re giving you 10 social media content ideas and prompts.

  1. 5 Tips to Use our Products
  2. Top 3 Products and Why
  3. My Favorite Products (from other brands) and Why
  4. #AMA (Ask Me Anything)
  5. What to Exect From Our Client Service
  6. Why People Love My Best Seller
  7. If You Love This Product, You’ll Love X Product
  8. Behind The Scenes of Our Team
  9. Perfect Gift for X Holiday/Season/Person
  10. Live Q&A